Ok, what time is it? i don't even know.

I won one auction the last 4 days of bidding. one! but it was a good one. scored an Oktava 219A for $65 after shipping. can't beat that. now i have one of the vocal mics i need for my trip-hop album.

I also kicked a little ass in the composition world today. I really put my head down and plowed through 11/12 of the 4th movement. gotta finish a few measures, decide if i'm going to make this movement a little longer, make sure i have all my markings in, and BOOM. should be done tomorrow afternoon. too tired to keep it up tonight.

I read a great article sent to me by a friend. here's a link


It's pretty straight forward and i agree with it 100%. i HATE being asked "is that what you wanted" after someone plays a passage. play it like it's written, interpret it as you will, and if i totally hate it, i'll probably tell you and come up and change the score. otherwise, have confidence, and PLAY IT!

I get tired of "you have to play this piece THIS way" as a mentality anyway. a musicians job is to interpret what's on the page. There is no "definitive recording," there is no "perfect way to play something." period. end of story. are there completely wrong ways to do it? yes. tons. and its a performers job to know what's appropriate and what isn't. But it doesn't mean we should all play pieces in the exact same way. There's already a recording for that snapshot of the piece. be an artist, make it moving.

I dunno about other composers, but it's certainly how i feel.

I'm still hoping to get a pair of monitors. I tried for a pair of Yamaha MSP5s today, but they jacked up in price like crazy in that last minute. oh well. i'll save the money, maybe buy some Rokits off a friend in Indiana.

And this movement is gonna be sweet. i really think so. just like Holst's 1st Sweet. yep, it's like drinking simple syrup baby! lol. oh man, i'm getting delirious.

on other news, i've decided to write a concerto for:

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