helping out at the MS was great today. It's hard describing development ideas with a handout or a white board or anything. The best way? Force the kids to do silly things. Yep, i took a few kids made them line up, and moved them around. heck, even joked that one should do a handstand. the kid was ready to do it, but i stopped him. Yay inversion. lol.

Composing today...well...screw that! lol. actually, i've probably spent at least 4 or 5 hours working on it...i have a few pages...with lots of Xs, fragments, writing, notes, scribbles...

And i have it all figured out and it should be freaking EASY. seriously, i have it all there, but, i keep making stupid mistakes. like writing half of one melody then putting a completely different part with it.

or writing it on the wrong line.

or all of sudden writing a bunch of stuff out of range, marking it 8vb, then getting so irritated that i just mark it out.

Yeah, it was one of those days. I've probably written...4 measures of new music. seriously. freaking lame.

Well, i'm trying to hand-write what i actually HAVE in a legible fashion, and sketch the rest of it, since, really, it's done in my head. as long as i get everything in the correct place, i can be done. otherwise, well, there's thursday morning. lol

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