Ok, seriously, i need one. I think i'm done, for now anyway.

here's the gear list i've purchased

Soundcraft Spirit Folio 16 (16 mic channels, 4 stereo channels, sharing 2 faders, 4 bus, 3 aux, Direct Out on the first 8 channels, one bad insert) $125

Oktava MK219 large diaphragm studio condenser $65

Presonus Blue Tube microphone pre-amp $105.75

Sennheiser MD280s- $108 (after tax)

Sony MDR-EX56LP ear plug style headphones (general listening/basic monitoring- $37

Event TR5s-$150.50

AND there is a possibility of landing a pair of Yamaha HS50s for $90 a pop. and they are in perfect working condition (i trust the guy selling me these WAY more than just about everyone else i bought from. heh)

and i still have some needs. I wasn't looking to turn this into a real project studio, but, it's turning into that. here's what i still want/need

Quad Core XLR cables (25' lengths is fine, say, about 6 of them.)

4 Gold Plated 1/4 patch cables (for the monitors...though i'd prefer only gold plating on ONE side, but that's beyond the point...fusing issues, basically)

mic stands (all preferably boom style)

Pop Filter (preferably metal, though i'll prolly end up with a mesh one)

1 vocal tube microphone (haven't decided on any brand yet. keeping my options open)

a matched pair of pencil condensers (Oktava 012s with all capsules is my preference here)

1 stereo ribbon mic (ok, this is just insane. lol. i'd love Royer SF-24, but i'd take a Cascade X-15, if it sounds good.)

1 cardioid ribbon mic (Beyer Dynamic M500. period. i will get one, someday)

1 vintage microphone (a Shure 55 would be cool, or an RCA ribbon style mic- which would be insanely expensive)

anyway, as you can see, i've spent about $550 already. WTH?!?!? this is really bad...seriously...AND the cables and a mic stand or 2 i HAVE to have. i can do without the other mics, and the pop filter. at least for now, on the pop filter. Once i start the trip-hop album i'll need it to record the vocals.

Still, this is all quite insane. i'm NOT a real recording engineer. this money is definitely NOT a waste, that's for sure, but, yeah...it's just expedites the whole "get a job" thing. as in, as soon as i get back from NYC in april, i will HAVE to get one, i think...if not find a way to make some money before that.

anyway, as for MUSIC! oh yeah, i'm a composer. sometimes, i forget these things.

6 Pieces After Basho is almost finished. I took the afternoon off to, um...spend a lot of money...but i hope to finish tonight. hopefully i can get to Nevada for the performance, or maybe convince the Wind Ensemble director here to give them a reading. that'd be pretty cool.

movement 5 is incredibly simple and probably the hardest piece to perform in the lot. in fact, it IS the hardest to perform. it basically comprises of 3 notes, F, Eb, and E. these notes are passed around the woodwinds until the brass enter...HUMMING. yep, humming. Dissonance. there are some other notes, in the high Vibraphone and the orchestra bells, but they are cursory. really, i just put them there so that there'd be a bit more going on. I REALLY can't wait to hear this movement performed. I think, if done well, it'll send chills down everyone's spine. what i hear in my head does it to me.

as for the last movement, it's a lot more traditional. very traditional. lots of doublings. only a few different lines going on. might use the timpani even. lol. The end will be fun, as i've decided to do some canonic writing. it may end up just being imitative counterpoint, but i might turn it into a real canon. I'm going to avoid going full blown fugue because 1) i don't think there's time for it to develop and 2) that'd be a bit too hard to follow really. it's not an easy form to play, at all.

anyway, this is a long post. I haven't posted in quite some time. Sorry about that. life got in the way a bit. I'll try to post regularly again, but there's a good chance this slows down to once every few days. heh. i knew i couldn't keep up everyday. however, the eating meals at home part is still going quite well!

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