dippermouth blues

Sorry if anyone expected a post about Louis Armstrong. that's not it

Watched the Superbowl. The Saints really did play a better game. I got a little tired of the coverage though. Yes, i get it already. a little more unbiased coverage definitely would have been nice. and, no, i don't think there was bad officiating. Manning blew it when he threw the pick.

other than that i spent the day feverishly composing. I hit gold on a melody and started going. I took a break, saved it, did some things- namely transfer over some old audio files from way back. Teaching Music Through Performance in Band. fun set of discs! and i should have dug them out earlier for listening. Anyway, I came back, tried to load the piece

corrupted file

Yep, dunno how, but it was a goner. And...for the first time in quite awhile, i had nothing more than a melody and some sketches of how the accompaniment would go in my handwritten sheets.

i just spent an hour or so recreating it. the voice leading is different...worse, i think...bugger

Well, i got it back to where it was, from memory, as best i could. and i started going on...if i hadn't lost that hour, i'd prolly be done.

as is, i'm too tired. bugger. I'll finish tomorrow and ATTACK mvt IV with a vengeance with an eye toward finishing tuesday night. Yep, setting some high goals on this one. it happens occasionally.

also, didn't get the TR6s or TR8s. Still hoping for the CAD e300. i put a bid in on a pair of Mackie MR8s. again, not what i'm really looking for, but they will do. I also have a bid in on an H2 recorded for $70. if it works, it's worth it for halfprice man. lol

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