finished mvt III. it was nice to finally have it done

I followed through on the plan, melody, high WW play a note, it gets passed to low brass, the melody has that note taken away.

worked out quite well. I varied a bit, at the end, to create a sense of finalization, playing around with an [ 0 2 5 ]. it appears mostly as a m3 M2 order, but occasionally i switch it up. there's actually a great deal of [ 0 2 5 ] in the piece, which is funny, because it is, primarily, modal. yep, it's written in dorian mode and my main chord revolves around playing with m3rds, M2nds, and P4ths. fun times.

Oh, the whole piece is in Bb but i run through the modes. Though, really, it's hard to tell the main tonal center. I set out to do mvt. III in dorian mode, but it kinda ran into myxolydian quite a bit. happens

anyway, onto 4, which i've swapped places with 5. lol. a nice trumpet fanfare to start, i think. lol.

it's really cold here. really really cold. kinda sucks.

and i have yet to successfully snipe an auction. lol. i have doubts i'll be able to pull it off. I'll prolly just haggle like crazy at a store and see what happens

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