Great successes come from many failures

I bid on some gear today. i did not get the pair of Event TR8s. i don't particularly like those monitors, but it was such a good deal that i bid anyway. for $200+shipping i would buy them. more than that, hell no. but that's just my preference

And at the suggestion of my brother, i bid on a CAD E300. i've never used the mic, but he suggested it, especially at the price. It's one of the older Equitek CADs, which is actually why my brother was able to convince me. I really dislike the new CADs, though i've never used the equitek gear. I knew the smaller ones were electrets, not true condensers, and that was about all i knew. My bro said the E300 is worth it, especially if i can get it for under $200. From the looks of it, when the E300 came out, it went for £699. at least that's what a review from '97 says for the list.

I've also put a bid on an Oktava 219Mod. i wasn't planning on bidding on it, but since it's running cheaper than the standard 219 and 319, why not? i probably won't get it. anyway, i haven't even met the reserve yet. lol.

and now...i'm done on here. I've been drinking coffee so i'm not tired...but...i dunno what i'll do...eh, whatever. no worries

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