Helped with KcEMA's concert tonight. It was a good experience. there was some really cool stuff there. I like Paul Rudy's piece the best. yeah, a bit biased, but it was the most well done piece, in my estimation.

One of the things i've noticed is people get stuck on certain things...like "this video all about going through these 6 filters and using still images taken from video..." ok, cool...not for an hour plus. that's boring. I get it. 20 minutes, that's fine. 40 minutes, starting to hurt, an HOUR, that's a no go. the guys in KcEMA are smart though, did excerpts of it and split it up with another video. very good planning on that one

In other news, i might have thrown out the entire third movement. maybe. It's just not jiving. I'm reaching an impasse, i think...a moment of "this is what i want to do with it...but it sounds like shit." So, i shall spend the weekend really focusing and working hard, getting it sorted out. I want 2 movements done by wednesday. I think it's doable. there is time

and i need to go buy an antenna for my tv, so maybe i can watch this superbowl thing. maybe. or i'll just have a friend text me results. lol. i am NOT going a bar, that's for damn sure. maybe someone is throwing a superbowl party in town. though, the guys i'm hanging with don't seem to be sports fans. lol. it hasn't come up in conversation much though. i could be entirely wrong and there's a giant party i could go to. lol

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