Quite frankly, I have trouble writing these blogs. Honestly, everything I write-after reading them a couple days later-just comes across as pretentious BS. Maybe I am too hard on myself, but while I don't blog about whiny drama like many blogs, all my writing seems to have just about the same level of depth. It's like listening to ESPN. seriously, no one cares about "Brett Favre getting revenge on the Packers" or any such nonsense. all they care about are getting the latest scores. analysis is not needed.

And that's pretty much how i feel about this blog. I go back and read about these ideas I've had, and, yeah, they seem like alright ideas. And then, i keep writing. and writing. and writing. and don't say a damn thing. really lame.

Again, perhaps I am just being too hard on my own writing. I'm far from an eloquent writer. Rambling is a huge problem of mine.

Still, here's the questions: Does analysis always come at the possible price of being perceived as pretentious? Is analysis worth the effort, is there some deeper truth attained by looking at every note, rhythm, dynamic, and its relation to every other? I don't know, the answer. feel free to comment.

As for a "news brief." Trying to do an electro-acoustic radio program for Electronic New York's International Electro-Acoustic Music Festival. should be interesting. Trying to do it from a radio station as well, not just a podcast.

One movement done of the HS band piece. hopefully i hear back soon regarding my "graded" writing ability. it's certainly a skill that needs much practice.

The extended vocal piece for David Whitwell has hit a standstill. Can't reconcile the story into a workable model for the piece. May switch direction in some way. Might go to some random number generation. When they mind can't make a decision, let the environment do it for you.

And i'm waiting to hear back from UMKC. hopefully i get into their doctoral program, but i have reservations about my own abilities and wouldn't be surprised if i wasn't up to snuff. If i was a professor, i would severely question the portfolio i turned in

and now, to sit and consider F. Scott Fitzgerald, haiku, extended vocal techniques, and various effect processing units