Ok, i don't know specifically what i'm doing this summer, but there's one thing i want to do...

put out a trip-hop/hardcore album.

i need a break from "contemporary classical" or whatever you want to call it. i need to rock out.

record vocals with a vintage shure 55

spend time creating sonic textures from recorded sounds

and put out an "pop" album and see if anyone likes it.

there all things we need to do. mine is change it up...it's hard writing "contemporary classical" when it's all i see and hear. I'm used to doing concerts. it's weird not having that.

and when i hear Portishead followed by Rise Against! followed by Bjork followed by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, i end up wanting to do an album like them. there's so much energy there, so my feeling

my music still lacks that in the "CC" form...it's not expressing me yet. and sometimes i wonder if i even can...

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