During workshop Wednesday, Dr. Simpson said "You have to be like be like a pianist...do you think they want to or are ready to play everyday? no, they go in, start warming up, and after an hour or so, they're ready to make some music." It was a pep talk to try and get us composing every day. I know i posted his comments earlier, so i won't rehash

Basically, i've been trying to do this. I'm not an "inspiration only" kinda composer. I don't get a special idea, then write for 3 days, locked up, and then not write for another 4 months. Generally, i work regularly, put down some notes, figure out what i'm going to do, make some rules, sketch some stuff, and, eventually, it will culminate in some decent works. lately, however, it hasn't been going so well

I hardly ever did "everyday." more like, 3 or 4 times a week. A lot of times it was a time/stress thing. I'd work, come home, make dinner, and feel a bit like dying, depending on the job. Those 16 hour days, back to back to back really kill ya. Other times, like this fall, i had time but no place. I found myself sitting in the local library for a few hours at a time, getting some stares from people, as i never approached the books, just used the internet and scribbled on staff paper and graph paper...with a lot of muttering, i'm sure. i tend to mutter. and to talk to myself loudly. lol

But, right now, i'm trying the everyday approach. Speaking with Speak Coffee today, i told her my frustration. We both practice slightly different arts, but both write, so, we do speak of the process and such. I told her that i'm trying that everyday thing and that i'm not making much headway. a lot of scratching, starting, cursing, and x-ing things out. Speak Coffee said:
"making yourself write everyday is a good thingit's conditioning. just because you aren't winning a game today doesn't mean that the conditioning isn't helping."

for all who don't know, i was a bit of a jock in HS. played hockey, football (till the concussions got to me...which was most of a season. lol), baseball (on and off), track, cross country, swimming. heck, even tried wrestling (almost tore my arm off, so i quit. i was a good hockey played, after all.) and soccer (made a travel hockey team...then it folded. tragic story). So, these types of analogies work well on me.

I HATED working out. seriously, still do. just like i dislike practicing. I much prefer being just naturally awesome at something and calling it good. unfortunately, i'm not naturally awesome at anything. at least not to the point where i shouldn't practice. I've always known this. That's why, often times, i grit my teeth and bear it. My senior year, i ran cross country. stupidest idea ever. It was pretty much an "what, so i can't play football, alright. what, i can't do any other fall sports? screw you, i'll run cross country! never complete the course? I'll show you!" and, sure enough, i did it...I started working out in June...by August...well...I could almost complete the course. lol. main reason i got really into it was conditioning though...I liked swimming quite a bit, but i was, well...the slowest varsity swimmer in the state. easily. And i thought "well, if i run cross country (like the other 2 swimmers) maybe i'll be in a lot better shape and actually do alright come swim season!" It worked miracles. Seriously...then i got in a car wreck, spent 4 months rehabbing...and the shoulder STILL hurts, to this day. lol. but that's just dumb luck...

So...it's about conditioning. I think Speak Coffee had a great point, along with Dr. Simpson. maybe if i get 5 or 6 more people to tell me, i'll really feel it. lol.

just like this blog is conditioning. can i write in it regularly? who knows.
The music though...it'll plod along. i think that's the problem, really. the last 2 projects have taken far too long. they should have been finished long ago. they're a bit stale. they need a breath of fresh air. maybe that will come with the redesigned kitchen area with newly constructed pantry? lol

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