piano redux redux

So, i'm working on condensing a piano reduction of the 3rd scene of my operetta down to a piano solo, after some insistence from people (dating back, oh...over a year. lol). it's an interesting challenge. The piano part, by itself, 78% of the time, is perfect. but then there are times, well...

when it's empty as empty can be.

I was chatting with a friend of mine from DPU who is finishing her DMA in piano performance. She's pretty freaking awesome at the whole piano thing. Makes me feel like i shoulda kept practicing. lol. Well, i was bouncing some stuff off of her, some piano tech stuff that i couldn't remember and don't have a piano to check out, and, well, she said what i should have known: "let your player figure it out."

It's true. I get caught up sometimes cause i can still play piano fairly well. I'm not going on tour anytime soon, but i can work out a Beethoven Sonata if i needed to. And so, here i was, thinking "yeah, i can i totally play piano. this'll be easy." then, i talk to a REAL pianist, and am reminded, gently, that i'm not a real pianist...compared to her, or any other "pro." lol.

sometimes, you have to be reminded of these things and just let go. lol.

and on that note, i'm letting the night go. talapia for dinner. made me happy

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