webpage sadness

So, my webpage is down. why?

cause the website i registered my domain name thru wanted $35 to renew.

so, yeah, that's INSANE.

So, no webpage for a bit. I'll get it up and running sometime, i hope

in other news, the new school year begins soon. All sorts of fun stuff. for those wondering, my class schedule is:

UMKC 235- Techniques of Electronic Music I- Digital Audio, Fall
UMKC 236- Techniques of Electronic Music II- MIDI and Synthesis, Spring
UMKC 33X- Topics in Electronic Music- Beginning Programming, Spring

KCKCC 110- Intro to Computer Music Applications, Fall and Spring
KCKCC 230- Music and Multimedia (though the name is changing), Spring

Advanced Counterpoint- Baroque Era, Fall
Aesthetics and Analysis of Electronic Music, Fall

Tentative Spring:
19th Century Nationalism or Music 1900-1945
Comp Lessons

oh what a year this is shaping up to be.

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