webpage sadness removed

So, it pays to wait, it appears.

I refused to renew my subscription for $34.99 a year at my old place. I put in for a transfer from another company. cost $9.99

It said it'd only take 48 hours

5 days later, I hadn't received an email. they email the admin to "ok" the transfer. Obviously, i am listed as the admin.

This morning, i got an email from my old provider saying "only $7.99 to renew for a year now!" I checked it out.

Yep, they marked it from $34.99 to $7.99! wtf? Even better?

5 years for $34.99.

needless to say, i now have my domain name for 5 years.

and the other service? i can hardly believe this part...they canceled the transfer and refunded me! WHOA! GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE?!? NO WAY!!!

so, even though i didn't end up using them, namecheap.com, i give you a quick shout-out for having good customer service. nicely done.

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