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I often think of what i should put here. What should be personal? how much of my art is personal? quite a bit, after all. I'm putting myself out there with every piece. Sometimes, explaining them...well...it's like doing an interview in the dark with a voice changer, then cutting away to a newscaster that gives my name and address. lol

and, right now, there are pieces of me floating around that need that veil.

All this is just to explain why i haven't blogged about my current piece...

yeah, the premise is almost silly. but...i'm creating a dialogue. a dialogue that i think is important to me at the moment. It's why i'm performing part of it...

and, it's probably why i'm scared to finish it...

you'll just have to see/hear the piece, i guess, because this is all i shall say about it for now. Other than the title

It Was Raining

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