I Am Classical

Ok, enough of the anger and vinegar. How about a more productive response to all this "Classical Music is dead!" Let's show everyone all the wonderful things happening in groups and individually, large and small.

One of the issues that's happening is the label "classical music." What does it mean? In some conversations, people make it mean "orchestras classical series concert." At other times, it's the entire area of instrumental music.

"People" outside our "clique" don't seem to know what it is, or so claim certain pundits. So, let's be progressive and productive!

If you participate in something you consider "classical music," be it experimental, fusions with lots of different genres, romantic flavoured, anything at all, hop on twitter (or facebook, since they take # now), put a tag to something you're a part of, as a performer, composers, improviser, engineer, whatever.

Put up a link and use the hashtag #IAmClassical

Let's fight all these accusations and silliness by showing the breadth of what this idea encompasses! There are so many wonderful things happening, so many groups large and small doing GREAT! Let's show the world!


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