hard to believe it...

This month has been absolutely insane. Just, over the top insane. To summarize the basic set of events dating from around March 15th till now.

  • Officially got accepted to EMS 13, sent in the "Hell yeah I'm going to Lisbon" form, and started prep on the presentation

  • Got accepted to June in Buffalo, made the parts, sent everything out! WOOO, look out Buffalo!

  • Had a blog post go VIRAL. It's at just a tad under 12,000 hits. What's really important is that it catapulted the discussion about orchestra strikes and the state of orchestras! It's been quite the experience--I've seen all sides of people in the argument, heard tons of opinions, and have continuously gotten surprised by people (both good and bad).

  • had a play chosen for a professional production here in KC! Check out inTENsity 2.0! It's going to be a night to remember! Ten one act plays by nine amazing playwrights, and me! w00t!

  • Rites of Being, a night of new one act operas presented by Black House Collective and the Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance is well under-way. I'll be conducting all six new operas, around 100 minutes of brand spanking new music! My arms are tired, my brain dies every Sunday, but it's a fabulous experience! Show hits are May 16th and 17th at Paragraph Gallery, 12th and Walnut, Kansas City, MO

  • and, the biggest news of all...FULBRIGHT! Just heard Friday my proposal has been accepted! now to do all the crazy work involved to get to Stockholm, Sweden. This is an amazing opportunity that I never would have imagined possible. It never would have happened without the support of some outstanding people including Dr. Linna Place, Dr. Paul Rudy, Dr. James Mobberly, and Dr. William Everett...and many many more! Holy crap, I'M GOING TO SWEDEN!!!! 

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