Vacation means...?

Writing 3 minutes of music of a commission for Trombone consort (still so much more to do)

Sending off a couple festivals apps

Going to Vegas and gambling a little (and thereby only losing a little). It was my bff's birthday, and we decided to do it in style. She'd never been to an expensive steak joint. Nor a joust. Both of these things were fixed.

Getting horribly ill (probably from Vegas or all the horrid flights.)

Mastering a CD (you'll find out more when it's released). Learned just how beautiful Waves plugins are. They were totally worth every single effing penny.

So that means I need to go back to composing--it is a commission after all. Plus that pesky semester has started.

Oh, and I made it past the first round of the Fulbright.

If I wasn't so horribly ill, I'd be all about celebrating.

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