Love at first sounding

If you don't know this track, listen to it now, become its friend, ask it on a date, treat it with respect, grow close, watch a sunrise on the beach, visit MJ's grave, plant some flowers and light a candle, return back to your place for a special night, exchange smiling glances, remember each others favourite coffee orders, take a surprise trip to Costa Rica, etch your name in tree, watch it grow as you walk down the park holding hands, visit the tapirs at the zoo, nudge heads on cold nights, and lay down to sleep under that same tree, after a few years ask it to marry you, and know your life has been made infinitely better just by spending a little over nine minutes on youtube.


and relive that feeling over and over again, surrounded by wildflowers and stars.

I don't pitch albums too often. This is probably the first video I've posted on here. And the Vijay Iyer Trio deserve the kudos.

Props to you, Vijay Iyer, Stephan Crump, and Marcus Gilmore.

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