I'm going to Stockholm, beeches!

I know i don't drop by often and update- I was never much suited to blogging. But, in case there are those that hit this site, either through my webpage or elsewhere: I have been accepted to present my paper "Synthesis of Performer and Instrument: Analytical Issues in Interactive Multimedia and Christopher Burn’s 'Sawtooth'" at the Electroacoustic Music Students (EMS) conference 2012 being held in Stockholm, Sweden. talk about a number of firsts- first major conference presentation, first time traveling abroad alone, first time visiting Sweden, and first time finding and writing grants. This will be quite the interesting trip, to say the least. Five days of papers, a couple concerts, and other evening activities, hobnobbing with some of the top writers, composers, critics, and academics in the field, and drinking Bellman Vodka. maybe i'll live blog? n'ah, i think all of my passer-bys on this page know that'll never happen.

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