oh those little festivals

I spent my weekend in the clutches of EMM (Electronic Music Midwest). It was the first large festival i've ever attended. I've been a part of smaller regional type festivals (Exchange of Midwest College Composer, International Electroacoustic Music Festival, CUNY New Music Festival), but nothing as wide reaching as EMM. in the Spring, i will be attending SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States), another large festival.

I felt like a light weight. I only hit 7 out of 9 concerts. yep, i skipped 2. One was an afternoon concert when i really just needed a break, the other a morning concert directly prior to my own piece being performed.

In the end, I am quite music'ed out. heh. It was nice to go to a series of electronic concerts and NOT be working in some fashion. I worked a fair amount of IEAMF concerts, work extensively with KcEMA, and was in charge of all tech of EMC2. on top of that, i run electronics for Musica Nova, the new music ensemble, UMKC Composers' Guild concerts, and freelance around town.

I want to quit freelancing.

If i never see a microphone again, i'll be happy.

After this conference, i dunno...i'm shaken...there was music i liked

there was music i did not like

I found Joanna Demers to be correct in her discussion about aesthetics of electronic music about 80% of the time.

I disagree with Joanna Demers and her sentiments regarding electronic music

this is leading me to a lot of questions...questions that need answered

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